Sound Systems
• Speakers, Surround Sound, PA Systems
• Dolby Digital Sound Systems, Sound-cancelling White Noise Playback
• Wall mounted, on or behind ceiling tile,
• Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Boardroom Sound Systems

A sound system serves the commercial environment through either background music, overhead paging, or sound masking systems. These systems are all composed of the same equipment: speakers, cable, amplifier, audio source, and volume controllers. A good sound system installer knows that the type of cable, cable pathway, equipment specs, and speaker placement are all factors that affect the quality of the sound. We take these factors into account, and in addition, factor in things like whether you need more soft speakers or fewer loud speakers, a 70-volt versus a low impedance system, distributed versus centralized amplifier systems. We also consider the quality of sound is vulnerable to factors involving improper cable pathways, such as cables run too close to electrical sources and ground loops (resulting in humming or buzzing sound), or cables of improper gauge/thickness (resulting in the amp overheating or under-performing).

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