Security & CCTV Cameras
• Security Cameras and Video Surveillance
• Iphone, Android, Tablet live-monitoring
• Hidden, PTZ, and Dome Cameras
• Outdoor weatherproof and Night Vision InfraRed Cameras

Camera monitoring is one of the most cost effective ways to deter criminal activity. In general, two methods for camera monitoring are considered: highly visible and hidden. With highly visible cameras, the intent is to prevent asset loss or crime by providing a strong statement that the area is being monitored and any malicious activities can be captured as evidence. On the other hand, hidden cameras capture information that may not otherwise be available to visible cameras, providing information which support future decision making processes. Our highly experienced technicians have long-term relationships with the design team of camera systems in high-value casino departments where the quality of the surveillance installation is of paramount importance.

In addition, Bluewire specializes in installing remote CCTV camera systems which can be monitored on a phone, tablet, or PC. Visit our portfolio to see examples of CCTV camera systems installed at businesses like yours in the Greater Vancouver Region, or contact us to find a solution that meets both your budget and your needs.

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