Access Control
• Card Access, Key FOBs, and Proximity Reader Entry
• Biometrics: Hand, Fingerprint, and Retina Scanners
• Keypad passcode entry
• Photo Identification and Facial Recognition

The benefits of an electronic access control system outweigh conventional methods which rely on mechanical key hardware. Modules are the core principle of an electronic access control system, which allows cost effective tracking, management, and adding or restricting new/deleted users. The benefits of these systems are enjoyed by the user as well, since access using key cards or fobs is as quick as tapping a card, or entering a passcode through a keypad which reduces the need to carry a key. When an employee is terminated or loses a key card, the card, fob, or passcode (if unique) can simply be deleted off the system to restrict access. However, with conventional mechanical keys, in this event, restricting access is costly as every locking hardware associated with the lost key requires re-keying. For over a decade, we have provided many high-profile businesses and casinos with reliable access control system installations, and customer service such as answering questions and training.

We install access control systems for residential and commercial clients located within the greater Vancouver area. Visit our portfolio to see examples of access control systems installed at businesses like yours, or contact us to find a solution that meets both your budget and your needs.

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