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Data and Voice/Tel Communications

Structured Cabling Systems

• CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7 Data Network Cabling Installation
• Analog and IP Telephone Cabling Installation
• Fibre optic network installations
• Wireless Routers, Network Switches, and Backbone Cabling

Installation quality has the biggest impact to the total cost of data and telephone cabling systems. Unlike other contractors, we offset the added expenses of maintaining a low-end structured cabling system by providing the highest installation quality dollar per dollar. We strive to ensure your cabling system is designed to allow for the most cost effective Moves, Adds, or Changes (also known as MAC’s), greatest bandwidth for faster network speeds, and logical cable/workstation identification for easy network administration.

Security & CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera Systems

• Security Cameras and Video Surveillance
• Iphone, Android, Tablet live-monitoring
• Hidden, PTZ, and Dome Cameras
• Outdoor weatherproof and Night Vision InfraRed Cameras

Camera monitoring is one of the most cost effective ways to deter criminal activity. In general, two methods for camera monitoring are considered: highly visible and hidden. With highly visible cameras, the intent is to prevent asset loss or crime by providing a strong statement that the area is being monitored and any malicious activities can be captured as evidence. On the other hand, hidden cameras capture information that may not otherwise be available to visisble cameras, providing information which support future decision making processes. Our highly experienced technicians have long-term relationships with the design team of camera systems in high-value casino departments where the quality of the surveillance installation is of paramount importance.

TV and Digital Signage

Audio Visual Installation

• Flatscreen TV displays and Video Projectors
• Digital Signage, Billboards and Menu Boards
• TV Wall and Ceiling Mounted Brackets, TV Stands
• Audio Visual Installations for Boardrooms

Audio Visual Installations have evolved far beyond its primary use for entertainment. Today, audio visual installations are robust enough to be mount televisions and projectors on nearly any surface, and its cost effectiveness in comparison with re-printing marketing material makes it a popular choice for providing consumer information. An effective video display system requires a quality installation. We provide only the cleanest looking TV and projector installations possible, taking care to minimize the unsightly appearance of cables and mounts, and keeping your viewers eyes focused only on the video itself. As an added service to our customers, we provide useful advice to maximize quality, such as mounting locations, angle, lighting, screen glare, and projector vs TV comparisons. Unlike specialty TV and Display companies that focus only on selling you a TV then mounting it, we ensure the cabling installed to these displays follows the same care and quality of design as our data/tel network cabling installation standards, to ensure the video displayed looks sharp, and adhere to building cabling installation codes.

Sound Systems

Sound Systems

• Speakers, Surround Sound, PA Systems
• Dolby Digital Sound Systems, Sound-cancelling White Noise Playback
• Wall mounted, on or behind ceiling tile,
• Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Boardroom Sound Systems

A sound system serves the commercial environment through either background music, overhead paging, or sound masking systems. These systems are all composed of the same equipment: speakers, cable, amplifier, audio source, and volume controllers. A good sound system installer knows that the type of cable, cable pathway, equipment specs, and speaker placement are all factors that affect the quality of the sound. We take these factors into account, and in addition, factor in things like whether you need more soft speakers or fewer loud speakers, a 70-volt versus a low impedance system, distributed versus centralized amplifier systems. We also consider the quality of sound is vulnerable to factors involving improper cable pathways, such as cables run too close to electrical sources and ground loops (resulting in humming or buzzing sound), or cables of improper gauge/thickness (resulting in the amp overheating or under-performing).

Access Control

Access Control

• Card Access, Key FOBs, and Proximity Reader Entry
• Biometrics: Hand, Fingerprint, and Retina Scanners
• Keypad passcode entry
• Photo Identification and Facial Recognition

The benefits of an electronic access control system outweigh conventional methods which rely on mechanical key hardware. Modules are the core principle of an electronic access control system, which allows cost effective tracking, management, and adding or restricting new/deleted users. The benefits of these systems are enjoyed by the user as well, since access using key cards or fobs is as quick as tapping a card, or entering a passcode through a keypad which reduces the need to carry a key. When an employee is terminated or loses a key card, the card, fob, or passcode (if unique) can simply be deleted off the system to restrict access. However, with conventional mechanical keys, in this event, restricting access is costly as every locking hardware associated with the lost key requires re-keying. For over a decade, we have provided many high-profile businesses and casinos with reliable access control system installations, and customer service such as answering questions and training.

Sound Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

• Home Security Systems, Business Commercial Systems
• Sirens, Motion Detectors, Door Contacts
• Monitoring and Text Message Notifications
• Asset Protection, Loss Prevention

Intrusion Alarm Systems compose of a siren, control unit, and different types of sensors depending on the application. These systems can be integrated with CCTV Surveillance Cameras, and using a mobile-phone SIM card, can be used to provide you, your monitoring company, and the authorities with live information in order to respond effectively. We install several types of intrusion alarm systems, and for the most cost conscious user, we even supply and install wireless security systems. However, the most secure intrusion alarm systems transmit sensor information via cables inside conduit. In some cases we’re able to run security cabling in an enclosed space that provides adequate protection, eliminating the need for expensive conduits to provide our clients with the most value.

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