Cyber Security for Small Business

In the past cyber attacks on small business networks was largely a crime of opportunity. Today’s cyber criminal however is highly specialized and may even be part of a cyber criminal team or a member of organized crime. These criminals have the specialized knowledge, funds available and the persistence to break through many protected networks.

Often with the use of Malware criminals can infect computer systems with malicious code that allows them to take control of computer systems or steal information. Malware comes in many forms including rootkits, bootkits, adware, backdoors, spyware, logic bombs, trojan horses, viruses and worms to name just a few. These are sophisticated threats and should be taken seriously.

Often targeting specific industries or companies these criminals may be seeking customer information, employee records, intellectual property or proprietary specific information. In all cases the data your company possesses is among its most valuable assets. If you become a victim of a cyber attack it goes well beyond being a public relations nightmare. The potential loss of your customer base, downtime of your network, overtime wages to your IT department, idling of your employees, revenue shortfalls and damage or loss of your data all adds up to a very costly experience.

Although cyber criminals are always developing new ways to commit fraud and steal identities, you can be proactive to help safeguard your network. Ensure that your IT department has installed robust security software, conduct regular scheduled backups of your data and train employees to following basic Internet safety rules such as using caution when opening email attachments or being careful when file sharing.

In cyber security the old saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure should be used as a guidepost to protecting your network.
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