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Bluewire Media Solutions Ltd. is a Vancouver based electrical contractor that provides a diverse range of services including the design, installation, commissioning and servicing of integrated communication systems.

We specialize in Structured Cabling (Voice and Data systems), CCTV Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Security Alarm Systems, and Audio/Video Systems.

We believe at the heart of a great company is its people. We strive to make Bluewire a great company to work for and a great company to do business with.

The truth is Bluewire is in the “people business.” Our success has come from the ideas and efforts of dedicated individuals who believe that their input really does make a difference. And it does. When we talk about the ‘The Bluewire Difference,’ we are referring to our people and the difference that each one of us makes each and every day. The Bluewire Difference is what defines our company, and makes our services superior to those of our competitors.

Throughout the lower mainland commercial clients have come to learn that our dedicated team of certified and experienced technicians will deliver the exceptional quality they expect and the customer service that they need.

We believe that honesty, integrity, quality and customer service are the keys to any business. That’s why we strive to meet and exceed all expectations, to ensure we create long-term relationships with our clients as well as our employees. This results in our continued success as a company.

Call us at (604) 617-4840 or send us an email about your installation needs, and we will respond within the same or next business day!